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Photo gallery Olde Vechte

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What renters say

Our wedding was a great success thanks to this nice accommodation! The forest in the backyard was a very special spot for our outdoor ceremony. Olde Vechte offered we had more than enough space to cook, eat, relax and dance… Read more
Sylvia Wijsman Marrul

Activities in Ommen

  • Along the riversides

    With its wonderful green scenery the ‘Vecht River’ is a pleasure to follow by bike or in a canoe and to have picnics on the riverside. The ‘Vecht River’ is known for its many curves and bends, as well as it’s quick rising at high water. It starts in Germany and runs straight through the province of Overijssel. Forests, meadows and farmlands make for a constant changing landscape, in which only small villages and farmhouses show the human presence.

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