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What renters say

Our wedding was a great success thanks to this nice accommodation! The forest in the backyard was a very special spot for our outdoor ceremony. Olde Vechte offered we had more than enough space to cook, eat, relax and dance… Read more
Sylvia Wijsman Marrul

Activities in Ommen

  • Swimming

    In summer times the beach at the Vecht River is a nice place for a refreshing dip as the water is clean. It’s only 300m from the group accommodation. Alternative places for a swim are: Indoor swimming pool ‘Carrousel’ Van Reeuwijkstraat 5, Ommen (0529) 45 20 47 Outdoor swimming pool ‘Olde Vechte’ Zeesserweg 12, Ommen (0529) 45 15 06

Contact us

+31 624 626 705