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What is there to do in Ommen?

Ommen is a beautiful touristic town with historical center. It offers a variety of activities suiting everyone’s needs. Group accommodations Zeesse and Olde Vechte are ideally situated close to the town center, in a quiet green corner surrounded by a small forest and a lake. The accommodations are the perfect starting point for activities like hiking in the forest, biking along the picturesque bike paths, canoeing on the Vecht River or getting an unforgettable view from above in a hot air-balloon!

Town center

The historical town center of Ommen has a variety of fashion shops, local specialty shops, charming boutiques and several restaurants and cafés.

The ‘Brugstraat’, ‘Kerkstraat’ and the church’s square are fine places to wander around and to have a bite or drink.

Outdoor Ommen

The nearby organization ‘Outdoor Ommen’ offers activities for groups from 8 people.

A climbing wall and adventure trail, spider tower, raft building and canoeing, are options that guarantee great moments with family and friends. (Catering / buffet is possible)

Canoeing trip

Exploring the scenery around the ‘Vecht River’ in a canoe is a real treat, especially on a sunny day. Canoes can be rented nearby for groups, couples and singles. And several packages are offered.

Jumping in for a refreshing dip is no problem as the river’s water is clean.


This unique piece of nature just outside of Ommen is the result of grazing sheep and deforestation. This is what’s left of a once much larger plain but has since then mostly been taken back by the forest.

This is a wonderful place to hike, for sunbathing or to let up a kite.

Along the riversides

With its wonderful green scenery the ‘Vecht River’ is a pleasure to follow by bike or in a canoe and to have picnics on the riverside.

The ‘Vecht River’ is known for its many curves and bends, as well as it’s quick rising at high water. It starts in Germany and runs straight through the province of Overijssel.

Forests, meadows and farmlands make for a constant changing landscape, in which only small villages and farmhouses show the human presence.

National Tin Soldiers Museum

Since 1985 the old town hall of Ommen is turned into a museum that houses over 200.000 cultural historic figures mad from tin. This is the Netherlands’ only national museum of ‘tin soldiers’. The museum is at walking distance from the group accommodations and a nice attraction for a rainy or cold day.

Visit the museum’s website

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